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We Empower Educators with Technology 

The UC-N-LEARN App lets you focus on teaching while we take care of the rest

The App is designed to digitalize the process of reading intervention. It leverages technology such as speech recognition, image recognition, and multi-sensory design to increase motivation and engagement. It allows the educator to create blended learning experiences while keeping close track of the student’s progress with advanced learning analytics.

The educator can build their own customized lessons by leveraging a combination of their own worksheets and a mix of unique interactive questions that have been developed by UC-N-LEARN. 

The name UC-N-LEARN in composed from U (You), C (See), N (And), LEARN.  


Capturing the Essence of Learning

One App - Multiple Options

Lessons can be shared and delivered in three main ways:

One-on-One Remote

The educator teaches a live online session remotely with video and screen sharing options.


The student works independently and submits the work for the educator to review.

Small Group

The educator teaches a live lesson to a small group with separate views for the educator and the students. 

Tangible Teaching Tools 

Visit our online store to shop for printed products 

About eight years ago, we started UC-N-LEARN as a publisher of tangible teaching aids. With the recent development of the app, we are working on combining the two to complement the learning experience. 

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We Partner with Publishers, Schools, and Tutoring Services  

How We Work with Partners

UC-N-LEARN adopts any curriculum or teaching approach to a digital learning experience that can be delivered on our app.


We work with publishers who are interested in offering their curriculum digitally. In addition, we help individual schools and tutoring centers who want to translate their curriculum to a digital version.

To explore a partnership, please contact us

Our Current Partners

We are working on a project with Region 4 to digitalize their Reading by Design (RBD) curriculum.


With the Jemicy School, a private Learning Differences school, based in Maryland, we have been translating some of their best practices to an interactive digital experience for their students.


We collaborate with the Academic Therapy Center's tutoring center located in Austin and Houston, Texas.


We love brainstorming with our partners. No idea is too challenging, and we are always excited to build products around unique requests and needs.

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Why we built UC-N-LEARN

The founder's personal story with dyslexia

Amir grew up in a kibbutz in Israel a few minutes from the scenic Mediterranean Sea. The kibbutz provided the backdrop for an idyllic childhood, with its green manicured lawns that seemed to stretch into the horizon and a group of friends who were like family. When it was time to start first grade, the carefree childhood ended and a struggle began; he couldn’t keep up with his classmates in reading and writing. Insults from teachers were common. School was something to survive.


A few glimmers of encouragement gave him some hope. In High School, Amir impressed his computer science teacher with his ability to write code succinctly. Although his code rarely worked because of typos, the teacher gave him an A. When Amir served in the Israeli military he gained a newfound confidence in his abilities as he excelled and became an officer. Attending university became an option he started to consider. However, a serious challenge was ahead of him; Entrance exams required proficiency in English.


Mastering English always seemed impossible to him as he could not even master his own language’s reading and writing. He decided to go study in the U.S. to immerse himself in the language. He enrolled in an English language program at a university in Texas. Once again the struggle began and the insults followed. His teacher told him he was the only person she knew that could spell one word in five

different ways, all spelled incorrectly.


A turning point came when a substitute teacher taught for a couple of weeks. Within a few days of teaching, she told Amir that she thought he had a learning disability.  She suggested he get tested for dyslexia and recommended the Neuhaus Education Center in Houston, Texas. The irony was that he could not take the test because his knowledge of English was not sufficient. They recommended he return after he completed the English as a Second Language (ESL) program. However, they told him that the fact that he learned reading and writing in third grade was an indicator that he had dyslexia. This clue was enough to end a long chapter of frustration and begin a journey that motivated Amir to explore a new direction.

He continued his English studies, but this time he created new ways for him to learn the language. Within six months he learned enough English to apply for college. Subsequently, he graduated with a B.S. in Psychology and M.S. in Human Resources Development from the University of Houston.


When Amir was invited by the Neuhaus board of directors to talk about his experience with dyslexia in academia, he realized that what he experienced was beyond his own personal struggle. This motivated him to want to help other students with similar challenges. The methods he developed learning English eventually became the prototypes for UC-N-Learn products.


While working for Landmark, a software company owned by Halliburton, Amir developed a learning tool to teach complex concepts in geology. He later worked for Kaltura, an innovative video platform, consulting Ed Tech companies on how to incorporate multimedia into their products.  


In 2020, he learned that Harvard waived its GRE requirements for graduate school because of COVID restrictions. This encouraged Amir to apply to the Ed.M. program. Currently, Amir is expected to graduate from Harvard in May of 2022.


Amir’s mission is to continue developing the App through partnerships and by delivering the best reading intervention platform that empowers educators to help millions of students to realize their fullest potential.

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What Educators are Saying

We serve teachers and tutors 

"UC-N-LEARN is the perfect App for teaching reading and writing. I easily adapt any content I want to use to meet the individualized needs of my student(s) - any age and any skill level."

"UC-N-LEARN is an easy and effective way to provide reading practice for my students and collect data on their progress!"

"UC-N-LEARN offers data and tracking for fluency, which is an essential part of my instruction"

Paula Moraine M.Ed

Reading Tutor

Katy Bosserman M.Ed

Special Education Consultant

Hannah Richardson

Literacy Tutor

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